Terroir (Terroir – French pronunciation: [tɛʁwaʁ] from terre, “land”) is the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop’s phenotype, including unique environment contexts, farming practices and a crop’s specific growth habitat.

We’ve taken our own twist: An eco aware global tapas bar with a big nod to doing what we can to eliminate: waste, chemicals, unnecessary carbon trails and all the other challenges the Restaurant & Bar industry face to keep Mother Nature happy.

It’s all about preserving & enhancing what we have on earth.

  • Design
    We committed to creating a venue with the environment in mind. It’s no easy feat. Our bar top is made from compressed reused coffee cup lids & plastic chopping boards. Our dining tables are compressed yogurt pots. The light boxes in the toilets are a compressed gathering off floating waste from the sea.
  • Napkins
    We have decided to provide washable napkins & hand towels rather than single use paper ones. This reduces waste from packaging & unnecessary processing of the items. All our materials are washed using Ecover laundry liquid.
  • Bins
    We only have two bins. One bin is for the recycling of our high-end wine bottles (most of our wines are on tap). The other bin is for the composting of all of our food waste – everything organic (inc. bones). We are awaiting a composting machine which overnight will turn all our waste into compost, which we hope to donate to our customers & the local allotments. We try our hardest to avoid all other need for bins – no waste destined for landfill or the sea.
  • Fuel
    Our oven is run on sustainably-sourced compressed wood dust. Our charcoal grill is run on Dorset Charcoal – its sustainable & makes food taste amazing.
  • Energy supply
    All of our electrical power is from renewable supplies. ( We don’t have gas.
  • Grey water
    All the water from the bar sinks, ice machines, roof gutters, is collected in large tanks in our basement. We use this to flush the toilets. You will see in our toilets that the sink water is also fed directly to the cistern below. The UK is sadly one of the only countries to still use fresh water to flush toilets.
  • Hydroponics
  • We have teamed up with EVOGRO to have our own hydroponics system in house where we grow from seed all herbs and vegetables before introducing into the aquaponics system for further growth.
  • Aquaponics
    We have our own growing walls within the restaurant. This way we can grow organically fed herbs, fruits, salads & vegetables. The system is fed by the waste from the fish tanks below. It’s a symbiotic environment where the plants help to keep the water clean for the fish too. Early days with this at the moment so watch this space.
  • Wines & Beers
    We have opted for more draft products for both wines & beers. This way we eliminate bottles created from our biggest selling products. The wines come in kegs and bag in boxes – this will be the future (less breakages, better preservation, cheaper to ship). We even reuse the plastic parts of the bag in box wines to seal & infuse elements of our menu.
  • Cleaning Products
  • We Use FILL as our main cleaning supplier, Eco • Simple • Sustainable • Effective • No Harsh Chemicals • Natural Scents • Or Unscented • Ph Neutral • Dye Free • Biodegradable • Safe • Cruelty Free • Vegan • Bulk Refill • Screen-Printed • Glass Bottles • Recyclable • Straight From The Factory • Delivered Direct • Made In Northamptonshire. this is to reduce all waste and without introducing any negative chemicals back into the water supply.
  • Day to Day Cleaning products
    Besides using FILL, we also have an electrolyzed water system, which we use for our sanitizer, degreaser & washing machines. This simple and waste free mixture of minerals and tap water make this the most environmentally friendly and sustainable system on the market today. Sustainability goes well beyond Green.
  • Food
    We have committed to always having 60% of our menu as vegetarian – its also vegan in many dishes. We source ingredients without unnecessary packaging & always ensure the quality is excellent & are all produced ethically & sustainably. We are striving to avoid all products that even come in recyclable packaging – next on the cards is recreating coconut milk using freshly rolled organic local oats & gorse flowers.
  • Deliveries
    We refuse all deliveries of food & drink in packaging. All our meat & fish is delivered in our black washable boxes meaning no single use plastic bags or polystyrene is needed. We use the fruit & vegetable shop a few doors along, only buying the products without packaging.
  • Water
    We don’t serve bottled water. Instead we offer free tap water or Belu filtered still & sparkling water. We charge £1 for the filtered water, which goes directly to water aid ( So less unnecessary packaging & a vital source of funds to those without water