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    • Dande-cillin


      Talisker Skye - Corn Kernel Vermouth - Dandelion & Marigold Honey - NOT Lime -Dorset Sea Salt - Bitters.

      This drink is our Terroir twist on the classic Penicillin cocktail. We've emitted using Honey by creating our own homemade vegan Honey using Marigolds and Dandelion leaf. We also have made our own Corn Kernel Vermouth by infusing popcorn to add a textural, robust mouth-feel to the drink.

    • House Martini


      Terroir Gin - Vermouth - Fig Leaf - Pickles

      This little aperitif is a great way to start a meal. Made with our House Organic gin made by the guys down at Conker and delivered in bulk in reusable packaging, a simple homemade vermouth using any wasted wine from our taps and finished with a drop of fig leaf oil from a local garden.

    • Apple Sour


      Rye Whiskey - New Forest Apple Pulp

      The core of this drink is an sour mix made from the leftover pulp from juicing fresh Apple for our Highball. . We add a little sugar and use this as the sweet and sour for this cocktail.  A little chickpea water from our sister restaurant gives it a nice foamy texture in place of egg white.

    • Margarita


      Tequila Blend - Fermented Tomato Water

      Our twist on a Margarita is a great example of how closely our bar and kitchen work together. Our pan con tomate uses lovely juicy tomato from the Isle of White and grates them to spread on some toasted bread. We then take the tomato water drained off and ferment it for 2 weeks to give it some zing then mix with a little sugar and citric acid. The essential addition of tequila giving bright agave, pepper and creaminess.  Finished of with a few drops of Dorset Sea Salt solution & a shard of fruit leather made from the discarded tomato skins.

    • F'rose


      A seasonal great.

      We take market rejected (the ones to ugly to make the punnet) New Forest Strawberries and blend them with our tap rose wine,  a touch of Frizzante (fizz), and a Timut spiced syrup.  Timut is a type of Sichuan pepper sourced by us on a charity Trek to Nepal in 2018.

      50p from each drink is donated to Action Against Hunger - raising money to end World hunger.

    • Daiquiri


      A fine blend of Diplomatico Planas, Trois Riviere Agricole Rhum, Cherry Liqueur & NOT LIME (natural acid blend).  Finished with the addition of Banana wine made in house from overripe rejected bananas from our local grocery shop.

    • Bloody Mary


      A fresh approach to an ultimate necessity.

      Chase potato vodka.  Freshly pulped to order Isle of Wight tomato juice.  Dorsetshire Sauce (Vegan). Carrot & Fava Bean Vinegar.  Spice & Seasoning.  Lemon Basil.


    • White

    • Xarello & Macabeo

      5.5 / 22

      Catalonia (Spain)

      Organic - Natural - Biodynamic

      Lemon - Green - Silky

    • Falanghina

      6 / 24

      Campania (Italy)

      Peach - Citrus Blossom - Honey

    • Trebbiano & Chardonnay

      6.5 / 25

      Tuscany (Italy)

      Organic - Biodynamic - Natural - Low Intervention

      Lemon Basil - White Peach - Sea Air


    • Rose

    • Cinsault

      7 / 28

      Ventoux, Rhone (France)

      Light - Dry - Raspberry - Tart

    • Sparkling

    • Frizzante


      Italy - Glera

    • Le Moss


      Italy - Glera

      Made in the Col Fondo style, this is slightly cloudy, lovely and fresh with buttery lemon and pear and a crisp, dry finish.

    • Champagne A. Levasseuer


      France - Pinot Meunier

      An organic champagne showcasing this under used grape. Vibrant, fruity citrus and custard tart with a fine mousse.

    • Red

    • Tempranillo

      5.5 / 22

      Catalonia (Spain)

      Organic - Natural - Biodynamic

      Black Cherry - Cedar - Fig

    • Aglianico

      6 / 24

      Campania (Italy)

      Red Apple - Spiced Plum - Bold


    • Orange

    • Airen & Macabeo

      6.5 / 25

      La Mancha (Spain)

      Organic - Biodynamic - Natural - Low Intervention

      Tannin - Baked - Citrus

    • Tap beer & cider

    • Open Gate Pilsner



    • Eight Arch Beer


      Rotating beers that we love from the Eight Arch Brewery!

    • Guinness



    • Pilton Murmuration Cider



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    • Coke

    • Diet Coke

    • Lemonade

    • Tonic

    • Ginger Beer

    • Soda

    • Cloudy Apple

    • Apple Pulp Soda

    • Hot Drinks

    • Tea


      Winchester Breakfast, Assam Decaf, Chamomile, Grandma's Fruit Basket, Earl Grey, Mao Feng Green, Oolong, Puerh Toucha, Lapsang Souchong.

    • Coffee


      San Fermin Washed, Colombian.