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    • Cocktails

    • Corn Star Martini


      Ketel One Vodka - Sopley Farm Sweetcorn - Gooseberry Ferment - Muyu Jasmin - Belsazar White Vermouth- Bristol Passionfruit - Whey - Frizzante

      We have recreated a party classic, utilising our most local ingredients.  We take Sopley sweetcorn and cook it in local Ewes whey.  After turning into a puree we mix it with the our Gooseberry ferment to add the tropical fruit notes of the drink.

      Served with a side sip of Frizzante




      Tequila - Whiskey - Whisky - Foraged Cola

      We have taken a 80's classic, putting our seasonal foraged ingredients to turn them into a cocktail of our very own. We foraged yarrow,  meadow sweet, dandelion root & pineapple weed turning them into our foraged cola. The next step is selecting our key spirits, with the first being Rye Whiskey. We opted for Rye because of it's wicked spice & boldness. This complimented Islay Whisky which is the next ingredient - Islay offers a smokiness and salty substance. The final ingredient is Tequila due to it's earthy notes. After being blended together these ingredients are then carbonated, creating a beautiful twist on the beloved classic.





      Cider Brandy - Beetroot Molasses - Dorset Oak - Sonic Aged

      Our twist on a timeless classic, using new modern exciting techniques to fast age our drink. The technique involves utilising a machine which emits sound waves that break down flavour components. This allows the components to break down and pass through alcohol. Beetroot plays a big role in the drink  as once reduced over a long period of time it turns into an interesting, thick syrup. These two are then blended and aged in Dorset charred oak for 5 minutes replicating what would be 7 weeks in a barrel ageing method.



      A blend of Trois Riviere Agricole Rhum, Wray & Nephew Rum, Ketel One Citroen, Spiced Pumpkin

      Our twist on the classic Frozen Daiquiri is informed by a local and seasonal approach.
      Working with our local suppliers Sopley Farm we transform autumnal produce into a libation perfect for late October sipping. The first goal of this drink was to create the frozen pumpkin sorbet, a blend of Sopley Farm pumpkins, organic sugar, fresh chillies and timut mountain pepper. We then sought out to accompany this profile with a blend of spirits with enough punch to stand up against our sorbet but versatile enough to deliver the body of the drink. A far cry from the days of disco inferno, saving all but some of the nostalgia for yourselves.

    • Margarita


      Tequila Blend - Fermented Tomato Water

      Our twist on a Margarita is a great example of how closely our bar and kitchen work together. Our pan con tomate uses lovely juicy tomato from the Isle of White and grates them to spread on some toasted bread. We then take the tomato water drained off and ferment it for 2 weeks to give it some zing then mix with a little sugar and citric acid. The essential addition of tequila giving bright agave, pepper and creaminess.  Finished of with a few drops of Dorset Sea Salt solution & a shard of fruit leather made from the discarded tomato skins.

    • Red Snapper


      We have taken Broad Bean husks to our local distillery & created a fresh-green distillate.

      Conker Lab Broad Bean Gin Distillate.  Fresh pulped & strained Isle of Wight Tomato Juice.  Strawberry & Beetroot Vinegar.  Seasoning & Fermented Chillies.

      Perfect with our Poole Bay Oysters

    • House Martini


      Terroir Gin - Vermouth - Fig Leaf - Pickles

      This little aperitif is a great way to start a meal. Made with our House Organic gin made by the guys down at Conker and delivered in bulk in reusable packaging, a simple homemade vermouth using any wasted wine from our taps and finished with a drop of fig leaf oil from a local garden.

    • Apple Sour


      Rye Whiskey - New Forest Apple Pulp

      The core of this drink is an sour mix made from the leftover pulp from juicing fresh Apple for our Highball. . We add a little sugar and use this as the sweet and sour for this cocktail.  A little chickpea water from our sister restaurant gives it a nice foamy texture in place of egg white.


    • White

    • ORTEGA

      9/ 32

      KENT ( UK )

      Green - White Peach - Melon


      7 / 28

      Turano Nuovo (Italy)

      White Grapefruit - Blossom - Honey



      Abruzzo (Italy)

      Floral - Yellow Plum - Flint

    • Xarello & Macabeo

      5.5 / 22

      Catalonia (Spain)

      Organic - Natural - Biodynamic

      Lemon - Green - Silky

    • Adaras LLuvia Blanco


      Almansa, Spain 2018
      Sauvignon Blanc (50%), Verdejo (50%)

      From an ecological territory of limestone soils located 850m above sea level.  Organic & Vegan

    • Danebury Reserve 2016


      Combination of the fruitiness of the Madeleine Angevine, the crisp acidity of the Schonburger, the structure of the Auxerrois, all complemented by the subtle influence of the Rulander. It has plenty of minerality on the finish and works well with a variety of dishes due to its complex flavour and crisp acidity.

      Hampshire - UK

    • Vina El Pago Blanco


      A tasty white Grenache with effervescent flavours of slightly fermented fruit, zingy minerals, and a bite of tannin. The winemaker subscribes to the practice of a regenerative viticulture, improving the earth that they farm with every choice they make.

      Organic - Unfiltered - Minimal Sulphites


    • Rose


      5.5/ 22

      Catalonia ( Spain )

      Strawberry - Cream - Citrus

    • Dunleavy Rose - Somerset


      Light and crisp 100% Pinot Noir from Somerset 11.5% ABV.

      This highly sought-after English rosé is made exclusively at Dunleavy Vineyards in Somerset. Light and fresh with strawberry, red cherry and honeydew melon on the palate. Lovely acidity for food-pairing or kicking back with a glass in the sunshine. The finish is delicate and creamy.  Suitable for Vegans.

    • Sparkling

    • Stocco Frizzante Glass


      Friuli Venezia Giulia.  Italy

    • Masia D'Or Brut Nature Cava


      Penedes - Vegan

      This is an exceptional Cava. Pale straw in colour with elegant persistent bubbles. On the nose, aromas of white and bright pale yellow fruit with subtle notes of citrus. The palate is silky and fresh with a refreshing finish

    • Grand Ocnos Brut Nature


      Colonias de Galeón (Sierra Norte de Sevilla) 100% Pinot Noir

      Organic & Biodynamic

      Colour red orange, somewhat cloudy, with consistent foam and small bubble. The nose is a bit strange at first because of those aromas of reduction, sulfur-like aromas that disappear with the aeration, red fruit background, yeast aromas, fine bakery, herbal touches. Too complex. The palate is dry, with a creamy mouth passage, subtle, sparkling. Very long end and something bitter but very nice.  Very gastronomic & well worth trying.

    • Danebury Vineyards Cossack


      This sparkling wine is made from a blend of the Auxerrois Blanc (Auxerrois Blanc is a cross between Gouais Blanc and Pinot Noir, which have the same ancestry as Chardonnay), and Rulander grapes (a German synonym for Pinot Gris). It is made using the traditional bottle fermentation method and aged for at least four years on its lees.

    • Champagne A. Levasseuer


      France - Pinot Meunier

      An organic champagne showcasing this under used grape. Vibrant, fruity citrus and custard tart with a fine mousse.

    • Red

    • Tempranillo

      5.5 / 22

      Catalonia (Spain)

      Organic - Natural - Biodynamic

      Black Cherry - Cedar - Fig

    • Grenache

      7 / 28

      Rhone (France)

      Red Fruit - Pepper - Clove

    • Garnacha Tintorera + Syrah

      7 / 28

      Almansa (Spain)

      Oak - Smoke - Smooth

    • Finca Constancia Entre Lunas


      Organic Moon Wine - Biodynamic Red from a Single Vineyard in Tierra de Castilla.

      Full bodied Tempranillo.

    • Humus 2015. Encosta da Quinta


      Humus 2015 is a blend of Touriga Nacional 50% and Syrah 50%. Located an hour away north from Lisbon, 20km from the Atlantic sea. Harvest by hand in cases, selection of the grapes in the vineyards and also at the winery. Destemmed and smooth pressed with pneumatic press. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast, 7-10 days of maceration in inox. Aged in old 500L barrels for 12 months. Unfiltered, no clarification. No sulphites added.

    • Brutal 2017. Celler Les Foes


      Brutal is a blend of Garnatxa 90% and Carinyena 10%. The vineyards are located in Castellon, Valencia province, at 11km from the Mediterranean sea. Spontaneous carbonic maceration for 42 days with indigenous yeast in stainless steel, then pressed and left in fiber glass tank. Unfiltered, unclarified and no added sulphites

    • Orange

    • Feteasca Regala. Chardonnay. Sauvignon Blanc. Tamioasa Romaneasca.


      Viile Timisului  (Romanian)

      Apricot - Yoghurt - Cantaloup Melon

    • Tap beer & cider

    • Open Gate Pilsner



    • Guest Craft Beer


      Rotating beers that we love from local breweries

    • Pilton Murmuration Cider



    • Soft Drinks

    • Karma Cola

    • Lemon Basil - Ade

    • London Essence Tonic

    • London Essence Ginger Ale

    • Hill Farm Cloudy Apple

    • Hot Drinks

    • Tea


      Winchester Breakfast, Assam Decaf, Chamomile, Grandma's Fruit Basket, Earl Grey, Mao Feng Green, Oolong, Puerh Toucha, Lapsang Souchong.

    • Coffee


      San Fermin Washed, Colombian.