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Available for reservations and walk-ins.

Hispi Cabbage / Peppercorn / Crumb (v) 8
cooked over coals and finished in pan with butter, dressed with peppercorn mayo, gherkins and sourdough crumb

Pickles / Houmous (v) 7
mix of pickled veg including carrot, swede, turnip and garlic scape,served with a British houmous

Carrot / Courgette / Iberico Jamón 10
"Badgers Farm" carrot and courgette cooked over coals and dressed in garlic oil served with Terroir cured pigs cheek and gooseberry kosho finished with an Iberico Jamon bone sauce and parsley oil

Bread / Cultured Butter (v) 6
locally sourced sourdough with "Meggy Moos Dairy" cultured butter

Lamb Merguez / Chilli / Garlic 12
traditional French/North African spiced lamb sausage dressed with fermented chilli & tomato hot sauce and garlic yoghurt finished with sumac onion and on a "Wild Farmed" flour flatbread

Aubergine / Rhubarb / Brown Egg (v) 12
agebitashi aubergine with rhubarb miso served with a "Burford Brown" egg and finished with salt and vinegar kale

Dorset Smoked "Halloumi" / Nasturtium Verde (v) 12
grilled, halloumi style, Dorset smoked cow’s milk cheese finished with a salsa verde made from nasturtium leaves

Hogget Chop / Smoked Beet / Puntarelle 15
young sheep aged between 1-2 years cooked gently over coals and brushed with fermented strawberry glaze served with pickled smoked beetroot and bitter puntarelle leaves

Pink Fir Potato / Smoked Cheese (v) 7
fried pink fir potatoes finished with charcoal mayo and smoked cheese

Celeriac / Pear / Mushroom (v) 8
fired celeriac, finished in butter served with fresh pear and pickled mushrooms

Badgers Farm Tomato / Herbs (v) 8
fresh "Badgers Farm" tomatoes served with homegrown "Evogrow" herbs with a dressing of honey, tomato oil and magnolia vinegar

White Park Beef Slider 10
aged White Park beef rib cap and shot rib patty served on a seeded hokaido milk bun, pickles and mustard mayo

Venison Tartare / Garlic Capers / Charcoal 12
Fordingbridge fallow deer leg tartare with garlic capers, tomatillo, charcoal oil, raw onion and a creme fraiche made from garlic caper brine

Ex-Dairy Sirloin (priced individually)

retired dairy cow left to graze on pasture aged for minimum of 50 days and individually cut in-house, cooked slow over coals

British Cheese x 3 / Chutney + Crackers (v) 15
soft, hard and blue British cheese served with red pepper & pear chutney and British crackers

Dessert - Rhubarb / Magnolia (v) 10
"Sopley Farm" outdoor grown rhubarb sorbet and jam served with pickled magnolia, puffed grains and coal fired marshmallow

Tasting Menu.
Sample menu.

Beetroot / Charcoal

Turnip / Shiso

Isle of Wight Tomato

Kohlrabi / Green Fig

"The Good" Treacle Bread / Seaweed Cultured Butter

Aubergine / "Thai" Green Curry

Courgette / Maitake / Labneh

Onion / Iberico Jamon

Chicken / Squash / Yeast

Hispi / Peppercorn / Crumb

Rhubarb / Verbena

Woodruff / Blackcurrant / Apricot

"All the Berries"

 10 courses £100 Served at 19:30
(Price is per person.)

Steak for 2.

We source all of our rare breed white park beef from Hampshire farmers who focus on giving the best life possible to their animals and farming in an ethical and sustainable way. We dry age our meat for between 70-100+ days. That's it.

You get:

> Bread + Meggy Moo's butter

> Rare Breed 70-100+ Day Dry-Aged Sharing Steak

> Hispi Cabbage

£100 per serving (for up to 2 people).

Please note:
1 or 2 guests = 1 steak
3 or 4 guests = 2 steaks
5 or 6 guests = 3 steaks
You cannot order less than stated (ie: 1 steak for 4 guests)Maximum of 6 guests per group.

Our food.

Our menu is orchestrated by the season we’re in and what we’ve previously pickled, foraged and/or preserved. With this our menu is constantly evolving, as is our knowledge, creativity and preserves larder!

The menu both, food and drink, pays tribute to what our local farms are currently growing, what our fishermen have caught that day, what we can forage from our local area and the meat from our butcher as well as what we butcher and dry-age ourselves. For this reason there is no menu presented at the table, but sent to your email at the end of our service.

Our team of chef’s headed up by Jesse Wells, have created a tasting menu cooked over open fire offering exceptional flavours whilst keeping our above zero waste ethos. The bar is totted up with an exceptional British wine list, local beers & sustainable spirits. Our cocktail menu has been cleverly put together to suit both current food menus as well as those that want to come prop up at the bar with us, perhaps with a couple of our small plates!

Below is our current menu, but this may change for all of the reasons stated.

If you’re walking by we have an incredible small plates menu, stacked up by a very well stocked bar! So feel free to pop in and order a few dishes and some drinks for a more casual light bite!

For more information please visit our FAQs.

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