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Sopley & Badger Farm

Sopley & Badger Farm is just around the corner from us! The farmers at Sopley & Badger work tremendously hard to keep our fridges full of fresh and great quality ingredients, with most of our dishes being based around their produce.

5.5 miles

Wild Harbour

Our main supplier for Seafood due to their ethical ethos and commitment to being carbon neutral. For us It’s not only about delicious seafood. It is about developing a sustainable food system, being cognizant of where their seafood comes from, and treating British fishermen fairly. Traceability and sustainability are the foundation of what they do. Each catch we get is line caught, and comes with the name of the day boat it has been caught off of providing us with full traceability from start to finish.

157 miles

Clarence Court

Clarence Court birds are never rushed, laying at their own slow, natural speed. which results in distinctive, richer eggs. They are committed to minimising time from farm to plate to ensure the freshest, healthiest egg possible.

51 miles

New Barn Farm Honey

This New Forest honey is raw and cold pressed giving you the pure taste of the seasonal flowers around the farm. Our fruit and vegetables will have been pollinated by the bees in the area as well!

17 miles


Our own cheese / delicatessen on the same high street as us. Stocking over 200 cheeses, a lot of them being British. We wander down each week to choose cheeses for our menu.

0.2 miles

Hogget & Boar

At Broughton water Buffalo, they’ve been farming with nature to build biodiversity, wildlife habitat and soil health for over 20 years. They produce Grass fed buffalo and Rare Breed beef, no soya, no antibiotics; healthy, local and delicious.

37 miles

Exmoor Caviar

The Exmoor Caviar farm is situated at the foothills of the Exmoor National Park where 40 million litres of fresh Devonshire water, naturally filtered through slate, shale and sandstone, pass through the farm every day. The sturgeon fish are allowed to grow at the pace that nature intended in this fresh cool mineral water. The clean and natural delicate flavours of the caviar are enhanced by locally harvested Cornish Sea Salt.

113 miles


Hodmedods work with British Farmer's to source a range of top quality grains and pulses particularly focusing on lesser know ancient British grains such as fava beans. Hodmedods was founded after the success of The Great British Bean Project to stimulate and access the demand for indigenous pulses.

212 miles


Cabrito began selling ‘kid’ goat meat sourced from British dairy farms to London restaurants in March 2012. All Cabrito kids are a by-product of the dairy industry and would have in the past been euthanised shortly after birth. In a world of dwindling resources and rising food prices Cabrito believes this cannot be justified.

49 miles

Tomato Stall

Tomatoes have been growing in the rich and fertile Arreton Valley for over 30 years. The Island’s unique maritime climate and their southern location on the Isle of Wight boasts some of the best sunshine levels in the UK, helping them grow some of Britain's tastiest tomatoes.

66 miles

Meggy Moos

Nestled in the shadow of Hambledon Hill, on the edge of Dorset’s Blackmore Vale – ‘the vale of little dairies’ to quote Thomas Hardy, Park Farm is home to a family and herd of Holstein cattle. They work hard to give the girls the highest standards of welfare as healthy, contented cows will always produce the most delicious milk.

212 miles

Original Beans

Original Beans founder Philipp Kauffmann represents the 7th generation in a family of recognized nature explorers and conservationists who coined the term “sustainability”. One of them advised already in 1795 to preserve nature in such a way that future generations can experience her as we do today. Philipp gave up his job at the United Nations in New York to grow Original Beans as a leader brand for a world in which we regenerate what we consume. We use their Virunga National Park 70% Cru Chocolate from the Congo.

5961 miles

Cove on the Quay

Our local fishmongers, situated in Poole Quay. This is where we source a lot of local line-caught seafood of the Dorset coastline.

7 miles

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